Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, Oct 26, 2017 – At this year’s gathering of motion picture and television engineers, Professor Zhou Wang and Dr. Abdul Rehman presented the paper “Begin with the End in Mind: A Unified End-to-End Quality-of-Experience Monitoring, Optimization and Management Framework” and literally showed the audience the only real-world quality metric able to handle this critical and challenging task accurately and efficiently for large scale environments – SSIMPLUS™.

“Real-world implementation is proving that SSIMPLUS is the only metric capable of delivering an end-to-end monitoring, optimization and management framework. Methods such as PSNR, Professor Wang’s SSIM & MS-SSIM, VQM, PEVQ and Netflix’s VMAF won’t work, indeed they are not even close, for today’s digital delivery environment.”
– Dr. Abdul Rehman, CEO, SSIMWAVE

Dr Abdul Rehman –  Technical Presentation Quality and Monitoring of Images & Sound, SMPTE Hollywood

“Large-scale video distributions require unified end-to-end visual quality of experience probes that ‘see’ and ‘behave’ like humans to deliver video as it was intended to viewers on any device.”
– Professor Zhou Wang, University of Waterloo

Professor Zhou Wang – Technical Presentation Quality and Monitoring of Images & Sound, SMPTE Hollywood

The next day, Alex Giladi, Principal Architect at Comcast gave an insightful presentation on Next Generation TV, titled, “Does Capping the Encode Bitrate Really Cap Streaming Quality?”  Alex’s presentation focused on what he described as, “Something new, very exciting. Using the proprietary SSIMPLUS metric we are able to make use of content and context-aware encoding and distinguish viewer, display and viewing conditions. This allows us to deliver the highest quality for a given bitrate budget.”

Alex Giladi – Technical Presentation on Next Generation TV – Tools of the Trade, SMPTE 2017 Hollywood

“With content-aware encoding we have fairness in quality as opposed to fairness in bits. The outcome? Spend the same amount of total bits, increase quality and reduce quality variation. The quality scale used is SSIMPLUS [by SSIMWAVE] – a proprietary quality metric that does a really good job of perceptual viewer quality.”
– Alex Giladi, Principal Architect, Comcast

The talks were well-received by the audience of technical leaders with insightful questions regarding SSIMPLUS coming from Scott Daly, Sr. Researcher at Dolby Laboratories to Professor Wang, along with questions from Vlad Korotkov, Principal Design Lead Emerging Technologies, Sky, John Maizels, Member, Board of Governors SMPTE and Michelle Munson, Co-founder of Aspera to Dr. Rehman. The final question posed to Mr. Giladi was by Thomas Edwards, VP Engineering and Development, Fox Networks, “What quality metric are using to base your findings?” His answer, “SSIMPLUS.”

The full paper can be viewed below: