Maximizing Streaming QoE – Stream TV Show industry panel

By November 30, 2020December 14th, 2020News, Streaming, Uncategorized

Maximize Streaming QoE Going Forward – By Looking Backward

Ensuring viewer satisfaction with streamed content isn’t hard – it simply involves putting the viewer at the center of the decision-making process. Watch this video from the Stream TV Show to hear how starting with the viewer and looking backwards through the video chain can help providers first determine desired video quality, and then set delivery parameters to meet that objective.

Join our CEO, Dr. Abdul Rehman, and speakers from FloSports, Limelight and the Streaming Video Alliance as they discuss the value of a dial that is viewer experience-based, and can be adjusted to optimize bitrate while ensuring subscriber satisfaction.

“The viewer experience-based dial can guarantee a target or a desired viewer experience on-demand, on a per-view basis. That can dictate how the rest of the delivery chain can be set up.”

Watch the full recording here