Get the most out of your stream

Create enormous viewing quality improvements for the same bandwidth or deliver the same video experience with half the bitrate.

SSIMPLUS Streamer on Canon Monitor to compare adaptive and smart streaming

Streamer helps you:

  • Deliver better video without additional resources
  • Lower bandwidth usage
  • Lower storage space requirements
  • Less probability of video playback freezing
  • Reduce the likelihood of buffering
  • Lower consumer device data and power usage
  • Higher viewer satisfaction

Scene-by-scene stream optimization

Bank bits and deliver them to consumers when needed. Streamer’s efficient use of bitrate takes full advantage of buffers to deliver a consistent high-quality viewing experience.

SSIMPLUS Streamer Scene-by-Scene Infographic


Bandwidth savings

Optimized viewer QoE on a per-user, per-device, or per-view basis with 20-60% of bandwidth savings.

Constant perceptual QoE

Constant perceptual QoE encodes for any content type and video resolution.

Device adaptive

Precise QoE predictions adapted to varying user devices.

SSIMWAVE & SSIMPLUS QoE Aware Product Feature

QoE-aware video streaming

Accurate prediction of viewer video experience through modeling behaviors of the human visual system.

Incredible speed

Exceptional performance achieved in real-time with low computational resource requirements.

SSIMWAVE & SSIMPLUS Dashboard Product Feature

Video QoE analytics

Most accurate, real-time video QoE analytics based on the SSIMPLUS family of algorithms.

Get Streamer working for you

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