Understand viewer experience against expectations

Accurately monitor, analyze and predict the end viewer's display adaptive quality of experience (QoE), determine real-time health of digital video distribution systems and localize performance at every stage of delivery with SSIMPLUS Live Monitor.

SSIMWAVE'S SSIMPLUS LiveMonitor Intuitive and User Friendly Dashboard on a Canon Monitor

Live Monitor helps you:

  • Correlate consumer¬†behaviours with video quality of experience scores
  • Meet service level agreements with content providers
  • Conform with regulatory standards
  • Measure, monitor, analyze and optimize infrastructure performance
  • Measure, monitor, analyze and optimize team performance
  • Select and optimally operate the best transcoder
  • Localize issues with actionable real alerts
  • Stay ahead of customer service issues

Business and operational intelligence

Complex algorithms and big data meaningfully presented for executives to make critical business decisions and engineers to identify and fix quality problems.

SSIMPLUS LiveMonitor Business Operational Intelligence


SSIMWAVE & SSIMPLUS Dashboard Product Feature

Live dashboard

Web-based dashboard remotely monitors and visualizes QoE scores across multiple live video streams.

SSIMWAVE & SSIMPLUS Cross Resolution Product Feature

Cross-resolution and frame rate

Reliable QoE scores of a test video with reference to the higher resolution, dynamic range, and frame rate source video.

Device adaptive

Precise QoE predictions adapted to varying user devices.

SSIMWAVE & SSIMPLUS Automatic Video Segment Alignment Product Feature

Automatic alignment

Automatic alignment of source and transcoded video streams by analyzing video content.

Incredible speed

Sophisticated, accurate, and real-time video QoE scores.

Multi-platform support

Supports 32 and 64-bit architectures on Linux, Mac and Windows Platforms.

Get Live Monitor working for you

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