Take control of quality optimization

With SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor, start accurately analyzing and predicting the end viewer's display adaptive QoE and automate comparisons through batch processing in command line or visual interface.

SSIMWAVE'S SSIMPLUS Analyzer on a Canon monitor

VOD Monitor helps you:

  • Measure service level agreements with content providers
  • Conform with regulatory standards
  • Localize the finest detail of distortion
  • Verify viewer QoE with visual scene-by-scene interface

Practical interface

Complex algorithms presented in a simple actionable interface. VOD Monitor provides an at-a-glance comparison of multiple video settings with both a side-by-side visually synchronized interface and a multiple configurations table view.

SSIMPLUS Analyzer Dashboard on Dual Monitors


Incredible speed

Performs 4K video QoE at 100+ fps on GPUs and 1080p video QoE at 60+ fps on multi-core processors.


High dynamic range

Accurate HDR and standard dynamic range video QoE measurement.

Device adaptive

Precise QoE predictions adapted to varying user devices.

SSIMWAVE & SSIMPLUS Cross Resolution Product Feature

Cross-resolution and frame rate

Reliable QoE scores of a test video with reference to the higher resolution, dynamic range, and frame rate source video.

SSIMWAVE & SSIMPLUS Detailed Quality Maps Product Feature

Detailed quality maps

Detailed localization to the pixel level to perform an in-depth evaluation and optimization of video acquisition, processing, compression, storage, delivery, and display systems.

Multi-platform support

Available as Linux, Mac, and Windows SDKs and CLIs. The libraries support both CPUs and GPUs.

Get VOD Monitor working for you

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