Viewer Intelligence® to drive growth and loyalty

Technology built for the explosion of video

More people are watching video

. . . at a higher quality
. . . on more devices
. . . in more places

Putting exponential demands on bandwidth

Video currently accounts for 73% of traffic (Cisco)

The science of seeing

For the first time in history, SSIMWAVE has brought the capability to virtualize and measure how humans perceive video and apply it in real-world environments.

SSIMPLUS is the most comprehensive, most accurate perceptual video quality measure ever engineered. Based on Viewer Intelligence®, it’s the only technology to break through the 90% correlation accuracy mark between computed objective virtualization and subjective human opinion scores across all video content.

The Science of Seeing

Count on SSIMPLUS to engage viewers

The only real solution to monitor, analyze, control and optimize for the Ultimate Viewing Experience® and delivery efficiency.

The most accurate infographic to show SSIMPLUS Algorithms have a greater than 90% machine to human correlation
Infographic to show SSIMPLUS and PSNR is faster than VMAF and Brisque in terms of computational complexity
the most complete infographic Comparing existing solutions to SSIMPLUS which measures Device and viewing conditions and human visual system behaviours
The Most Efficient Infographic - No compromise bitrate savings

Respected and revolutionary

ASC Logo - The American Society of Cinematographers

ASC Technical Group

Television Academy Emmy Award Statuette for SSIMWAVE's Co-Founder Dr. Zhou Wang's Primetime Engineering Emmy Award Win

Emmy award

University of Waterloo Logo and Crest - Dr. Zhou Wang Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UW

55,734 citations
(most in the field)

Start with the Viewer experience and work backwards

Free up capacity and deliver the best video with viewer intelligence decision-making.

Advance to SSIMWAVE Bit-rate based decision-making and controls model with the consumer at the end

From capture glass to display glass

End-to-end solution ready for future demands and compatible with legacy systems. Monitor, analyze and optimize every stream for every device in real-time with a standardized Viewer Score.

SSIMPLUS Viewer QoE Monitor, QoE Driven Automation to Deliver target SSIMPLUS QoE (Quality of Experience) Human Expert Based Quality Assessment and Quality Control Samples, Fragmented and Configuration Profile-Based

Scalable software products

Take control of video quality. Reliably configure encoders and transcoders by knowing exactly what viewers will experience.


Determine the real-time health of your digital video distribution system. Truly understand viewer experience against expectations.


The golden eyes of digital

Delivering the Ultimate Viewing Experience® to consumers is not a simple equation. A lot happens between the glass that captures and the glass that displays motion. It’s a complex combination of configurations balancing ‘quality’ with the realities of bitrates, encoding parameters, servers, delivery networks and consumer devices.

What matters most is the quality of what the human viewer sees. Current processes test configurations and outputs with mathematical difference quality measures and human experts aptly named, golden eyes. The process of relying on humans doesn’t scale for today’s explosion of video consumption. Can we trust computers to the task?  SSIMWAVE’s viewer intelligence model and science of seeing is proving we can.

Camera Lens to signify the Golden Eyes of Digital within the Quality of Experience Industry