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The Science Behind SSIMWAVE: Mapping the human visual system.

For the first time in history, SSIMWAVE has brought the capability to virtualize and measure how humans perceive video and apply it in real-world environments.

Golden eyes and subjective studies can’t keep up with today’s fragmented video ecosystem. SSIMWAVE has mapped the human visual system to produce the most accurate measure of perceptual quality ever engineered with >90% correlation to Mean Opinion Score.

SSIMPLUS harnesses Viewer IntelligenceTM to provide fast, accurate and consistent measurements at every point from source to screen – through every delivery system, on every device, using a consistent 0-100 linear scoring metric. An apples to apples comparison for any internal and external hand-off point.

Emmy® -awarded SSIMPLUS® algorithm.

Maximizing the Viewer Experience requires improving the video quality. Manage the viewer quality from end-to-end with the SSIMPLUS® Viewer Score: the one number that tells you everything you need to know about the subscriber’s Viewer Experience. It provides an apples-to apples KPI which you can use at each point of your video delivery.

SSIMPLUS Viewer Score uses a 0-100 linear scale.

SSIMPLUS is the only objective video quality metric to break through the 90% correlation to human subjective views.

See the scientific study results

The SSIMPLUS® Viewer Score is the most accurate Viewer Experience metric ever engineered.

It is easy to understand but behind the scenes it accounts for a variety of different:

  • Content complexities (even scene-by-scene variations)
  • Frame rates
  • Resolutions
  • Dynamic ranges (HDR, SDR)
  • Devices (from handhelds to the biggest and best TVs)

Respected and Revolutionary.

“SSIMWAVE’s measurement represents a generational breakthrough in the video industry”

– The Television Academy

72nd Emmy® Award for Technology and Engineering for Development of Perceptual Metrics for Video Encoding Optimization.

67th Primetime Emmy® Award winner for significantly impacting television technology and engineering.

ASC Logo - The American Society of Cinematographers

The American Society of Cinematographers created an HDR project named “SSIMWAVE” to improve the preservation of creative intent.

University of Waterloo Logo and Crest - Dr. Zhou Wang Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UW

60,000 citations
(most in the field).

From capture glass to display glass.

End-to-end solution ready for future demands and compatible with legacy systems. Monitor, analyze and optimize every stream for every device in real-time with a standardized Viewer Score.

SSIMPLUS Viewer QoE Monitor, QoE Driven Automation to Deliver target SSIMPLUS QoE (Quality of Experience) Human Expert Based Quality Assessment and Quality Control Samples, Fragmented and Configuration Profile-Based

Learn how SSIMPLUS can help you improve the Viewer Experience for your subscribers, reduce
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Start with the viewer experience and work backwards.

Free up capacity and deliver the best video with viewer intelligence decision-making.

Advance to SSIMWAVE's Viewer Experience Based Decision-Making and Controls starting with the end-viewer in mind Bit-rate based decision-making and controls model with the consumer at the end