Validate LIVE & VOD Asset Quality

Improve efficiency across your video workflows—and achieve quality targets—with automated Pass/Fail validation based on the Viewer Experience.

Between post-production and packaging, Live and VOD assets undergo several processes—each of which has the potential to degrade the Viewer Experience below an acceptable quality threshold.


Unfortunately, you often don’t have visibility into the Viewer Experience until it’s too late. This lack of insight creates two significant problems:

  • The quality of your Live and VOD assets suffers, harming the Viewer Experience;
  • Distribution, delivery and computing resources are wasted on video assets that are below acceptable quality targets.

Traditional approaches like “golden eyes” and MOS simply will not scale with your video assets, while picking and choosing which content to review will leave you with dangerous blind spots.

A new reality

Today’s content libraries demand an efficient, automated and scalable way to detect quality issues within video workflows. In fact, some of the world’s largest content producers and providers have already implemented these mechanisms, raising the bar in the competition for subscribers.

Benefits of using SSIMPLUS

With the SSIMPLUS Viewer Score, you can set Viewer Experience Pass/Fail quality thresholds for each piece or type of content.

Content that passes the quality test is automatically distributed to the next process, while content that Fails goes back for reprocessing until it reaches the target threshold.

This efficient, informed approach lets you:

  • Meet service level agreements (SLAs);
  • Improve efficiency by preventing processing when content doesn’t meet your standards;
  • Ensure your own video assets meet or exceed Viewer Experience targets.

You even have the ability to employ a range of Pass/Fail thresholds, letting you select a minimum Viewer Experience score for each target bitrate. This approach ensures quality targets are met for the lowest cost of delivery and distribution.

The result? Satisfied partners, lower costs and happy viewers.

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Network tools and technologies

Take control of video quality. Reliably configure encoders and transcoders by knowing exactly what viewers will experience.


Determine the real-time health of your digital video distribution system. Truly understand viewer experience against expectations.


SSIMWAVE's SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor is by far the best device-adaptive perceptual video quality predictor we have seen in the market.

Miguel Cabello, Video Technology ArchitectTelefonica

The SSIMPLUS family of algorithms enables us to offer constant perceptual quality encodes and provide significant bandwidth savings for multi-screen video encoding/transcoding.

Paul Turner, VP Enterprise Product ManagementTelestream

SSIMWAVE's SSIMPLUS Analyzer [VOD Monitor] is an integral tool for a number of reasons that include high accuracy, device specific presets, and unique capability for cross-resolution and frame rate video quality measurement.

Jan Ozer, EditorStreaming Media Magazine


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