Measure the Viewer Experience

Objectively quantify the Viewer Experience throughout the video delivery chain to identify sources of banding, A/V sync, macroblocking, encoding impairments, freezes and other issues.

The Viewer Experience on linear delivery can be impacted by many factors within the video delivery chain; streaming presents even more challenges.

Each process, partner and solution provider has the potential to introduce experience-harming degradations including audio/video synchronization problems, macroblocking, banding, video freezes, latency and other issues.

With content production moving to HDR, it’s becoming even more critical to ensure your video delivery chain preserves the Viewer Experience and you have the tools to detect potential problems.

To inform valuable decisions and actions within the delivery chain, you need meaningful visibility into the viewer’s perception of quality at ingress and egress points.


Unfortunately, getting this information has been difficult for a number of reasons:

  • Measurements like PSNR, SSIM and VMAF don’t account for different bitrates, resolutions, devices and dynamic ranges (SDR and HDR);
  • Some approaches (including SSIM and VMAF) aren’t suitable for live content;
  • Other AI-based metrics are too narrow and must be retrained every time a new codec, format or content type is introduced;
  • Pseudo-QoE measurements don’t capture the Viewer Experience—instead, they measure factors like packet loss but cannot reveal how the viewer’s perceptual quality is impacted;
  • It’s unrealistic to have actual human “golden eyes” or MOS at every link in the chain;
  • It’s difficult and time-consuming to correlate measurements from the delivery chain with statistics and user behavior from video players.

Benefits of using SSIMPLUS

Our SSIMPLUS Viewer Score lets you accurately measure the Viewer Experience impact of each process, partner and solution provider within your live and VOD delivery chain. Plus—unlike alternative techniques—the SSIMPLUS Viewer Score is:

  • Consistent, even accounting for different bitrates, resolutions, content complexities, devices and dynamic ranges;
  • Accurate, correlating by more than 90% with human opinion scores;
  • Easy to understand, so it gets everyone on the same page.

This unmatched historical and real-time insight lets you precisely identify sources of:

  • Banding;
  • A/V synchronization problems;
  • Encoding impairments;
  • Video freezes;
  • And other issues which negatively impact the Viewer Experience.
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Network tools and technologies

Take control of video quality. Reliably configure encoders and transcoders by knowing exactly what viewers will experience.


Determine the real-time health of your digital video distribution system. Truly understand viewer experience against expectations.


SSIMWAVE's SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor is by far the best device-adaptive perceptual video quality predictor we have seen in the market.

Miguel Cabello, Video Technology ArchitectTelefonica

The SSIMPLUS family of algorithms enables us to offer constant perceptual quality encodes and provide significant bandwidth savings for multi-screen video encoding/transcoding.

Paul Turner, VP Enterprise Product ManagementTelestream

SSIMWAVE's SSIMPLUS Analyzer [VOD Monitor] is an integral tool for a number of reasons that include high accuracy, device specific presets, and unique capability for cross-resolution and frame rate video quality measurement.

Jan Ozer, EditorStreaming Media Magazine


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