SSIMWAVE brings peace of mind to your QA process.

Here’s how we can help you with your video quality automation:

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  • Video quality assurance
  • Live streaming experience
  • Cloud gaming experience
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  • Quality driven automation
  • Film distribution automation
  • Video handoff management
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  • Reduce streaming costs
  • Deliver target quality
  • Simplify encoding

Video Operations

The inability to detect and resolve issues causes numerous inefficiencies, ultimately leading to customer frustration and increased churn. High operational costs result from preventable issues and a time-consuming problem resolution process.

Our Video Intelligence Suite, based on SSIMPLUS, can help to improve your video operations. By reducing defects, you can ultimately increase customer satisfaction, while reducing support calls, operational costs, and churn. Learn more about our products and applications.

Video Distribution

A lack of control of video workflows when exchanging video sources or processing and improper management of the quality of third parties’ distribution can cost millions of dollars on manual tasks and reprocessing while millions of dollars are lost on churn caused by video issues or limited control and ability to scale.

An inconsistent quality process can tarnish your company brand and leave customers unhappy. A manual quality management process is subjective, prone to errors, inefficient and doesn’t allow to scale.

Our Video Intelligence Suite, based on SSIMPLUS, offers an objective, automated, and scalable quality validation and distribution process. It ensures quality throughout the third party handoff through to the delivery to the customer and will reduce operational costs, deliver better quality, and bring higher workflow efficiency. We delivered predictable and measurable quality at scale, while efficiently providing quality customer experience. As a result, it will improve your customer satisfaction leading to reduced churn and higher retention and reducing operational costs. Learn more about our products and applications.


Losing money on excessive bitrate usage is frustrating. Delivering an inconsistent quality is even worse. Deliver your target quality consistently while reducing distribution costs.

The SSIMPLUS score detects the most complex impairments like banding and macroblocking. With Stream Smart, you can set a target viewer experience score so that you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from an automated end-to-end optimization solution that works over any encoder or workflow to improve your transcoding process with the only quality metric that is correlated to human vision. Learn more about Stream Smart and its applications.

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