SSIMWAVE’s powerful new tools can identify video with bad quality at different points in the distribution workflow to protect your brand image and keep your subscribers happy. Its latest SSIMPLUS VOD Inspector Player Test functionality can also measure the impact of network and player logic on end viewers’ experience.

At Streaming Media West last month, SSIMWAVE CEO Dr. Abdul Rehman explained how the viewer-centric SSIMPLUS® tools can help content providers and distributors stop bad video in its tracks:

“For the first time in video, after 25 years of research, we have that one score, that can help you understand viewer experience as perceived by that viewer, on a viewer by viewer basis and on a network by network basis.”

Dr. Rehman identified three major scenarios where problems arise and how SIMWAVE probes can detect video degradation at different places in the workflow:

Bad Quality at the Source: If you’re getting video sourced from a third party, you don’t know if it is as good as it was supposed to be. If the source quality is bad, you’ll waste time trying to fix what you can’t. Using SSIMWAVE’s technology you can reject the imperfect content and collaborate with upstream partners to improve viewer experiences in the workflow.

Bad Quality Post-encoder: When the problem is at the encoder, you may need to use different settings or vendors. With the SSIMPLUS score, you will know what impact your encoders are having on the end viewer experience. Without that score there is no way you can optimize and improve.

During Distribution: When the problem occurs during distribution from the packager to the player, being able to check the quality of the content after it leaves the packager is vital.

The SSIMPLUS Viewer Score at each of those points can be used to:

  • Optimize video quality and use bandwidth where it is most needed;
  • Automate many of the video quality and resource decisions in real time at scale;
  • Tune quality down when it is not needed to conserve resources; and
  • Achieve the best possible balance between the cost of running a video business and viewer experience.

SSIMWAVE’s lightweight software probes can measure video quality for both Live and VOD content and can identify where problems occur – including content acquisition, compression, packaging, distribution and playout.

The results are reflected in the SSIMWAVE Viewer Score, which represents the subscribers and the video quality experience. The SSIMPLUS linear scale from 0 – 100 measures what viewers see using a standardized measurement, regardless of genre, device, or resolution. For example, a 37 indicates poor video quality, and an 82 – excellent.

Depending on customers’ needs, SSIMWAVE has two VOD solutions:

  • SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor Inspector: a tool for deep-dive comparisons across source, multiple encoding configurations, ladders, and vendors. It has been upgraded to include Player Test functionality that extends viewer experience measurement from content creation to playout.
  • SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor Production: for VOD environments in which the need is to check video quality at scale for thousands of assets. VOD production acts like a gatekeeper, issuing alerts if source video has bad quality or if video quality goes below a certain threshold at any of the transformation points, post-encoder/transcoder, post-packager, or playback.

For LIVE workflows, learn how SSIMPLUS Live Monitor can help you monitor thousands of streams 24/7 to ensure your subscribers are happy.

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