Per-title Encoding in the Wild – Going Beyond Content-Aware Encoding

By February 24, 2021October 26th, 2021News, Science of Seeing

Delivering Just-Right Viewer Experiences without wasting bits or disappointing subscribers

Per-title encoding has been on streaming services’ radar since December 2015 when Netflix first introduced it. Watch this webinar from Streaming Media Connect Feb 2021 to learn how it has progressed to date with a comprehensive overview from:

  • Jan Ozer who covered everything from TN 2224 to content-aware and even shot-based encoding
  • and SSIMWAVE’s CEO Dr. Abdul Rehman who shared SSIMPLUS Video Quality Dial approach to encoding, ensuring key needs are being addressed in the right way, so that streaming providers can achieve their business goals with confidence.

Jan Ozer also made a comprehensive evaluation of the available quality metrics that streaming providers can use – see the above slide.

Download the full presentation from Jan Ozer HERE

Dr. Rehman highlighted 2 key issues when it comes to per-title encoding:

  • Most content-aware approaches promise to deliver quality similar to what existed before encoding. But if that quality is already subpar, the result will disappoint customers and churn.
  • Encoding at a higher quality than needed results in wasted resources and becomes very expensive as OTT services scale

Leveraging his deep background in measuring and analyzing video quality, Dr. Rehman recommended a three-step approach to encoding:

  • Measure the Viewer Experience that is being delivered today
  • Select the desired Viewer Experience target – whether to save costs or to catch up with competition or any combination.
  • Deliver the targeted quality consistently using just the right number of bits, without big dips and variations in quality – and without changing the existing content-aware encoder.

Such a smart approach – “the right way to do encoding,” according to Dr. Rehman – is available today using SSIMPLUS Video Quality Dial. It achieves up to 60% delivery costs savings on top of current content-aware approaches while consistently delivering the targeted Viewer Experience. To learn more visit:

Download Dr. Rehman’s full deck HERE

Watch the full recording

See the difference:
SSIMPLUS Video Quality Dial in action compared to state-of-the-art content-aware

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