June 26, 2018 – In part 12 of a webinar series, the Streaming Video Alliance‘s Executive Director, Jason Thiebault moderated a panel entitled, “Measuring and Optimizing Perceptual Quality in Online Video”. SSIMWAVE CEO, Abdul Rehman, and executives from Beamr, Harmonic and Tektronix discussed the nuances of mitigating degradation during transcoding and how to implement measurement techniques to continually monitor the perceived quality of online video.

When discussing how to deal with the visual quality expectations of different viewers, Rehman said:

“With an understanding of viewer experience, you can control the quality of a stream to satisfy the demand of viewers across the board.”

Listen here:

SSIMWAVE joined the Streaming Video Alliance in July, 2017. The alliance is a grouping of the online video industry’s key players such as Amazon Web Services, Comcast, BAMTECH Media, NBC Universal, Charter Communications, and its newest member, Google. The objective of the alliance is to solve critical streaming video challenges in an effort to improve end-user experience and adoption through education, collaboration and best practices documentation. The webinar series is a small part of the work that is being done to vastly improve the ever-changing world of online video delivery.