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| T101. May 8, 10:30 – 11:30 |

Professor Zhou Wang, SSIMWAVE Chief Science Officer, Anne Aaron, Netflix Director of Video Algorithms, & Scott Labrozzi, BAMTECH Media Senior Principal Engineer talk best practices for advanced software encoder evaluations.

We’ll be at Streaming Media East 2018 in New York City this May 8 – 9th.  As the Platinum sponsor of the 20th Anniversary of this event, SSIMWAVE will be front and center showcasing our ground-breaking technology amongst other leading organizations in the streaming industry.

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  • A unified end-to-end viewer QoE and QoD monitoring and management framework.
  • Make viewer experience informed decisions on encoders, transcoders and optimizers.
  • Exactly understand encoding performance in live and video on demand (VOD) environments through a reference-based perceptual fidelity (PF) metric.
  • Localize the component or setting that’s failing anywhere in your workflow from ingest to playout.
  • Know in real time why your viewers stopped watching – QoD (load times, stalling, rebuffering) AND for the first time ever, a true viewer QoE (your subscribers’ viewer experience by device).
  • Test and compare for viewer devices and viewing conditions.

Begin with the end viewer in mind. Make better encoder choices with Viewer Intelligence™. Know what your subscribers will experience at every stage of your workflow. Get SSIMPLUS™,  the most accurate viewer Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Delivery (QoD) metric, working for you.

1) Make better choices

Streaming Media East will offer the first chance for encoding/transcoding vendors to demonstrate the capabilities of AV1 over HEVC, VP9, x264 and others. We’re not here to sell you on one. We’re here to help you evaluate which ones are best for your workflow, your architecture, your content and your viewers’ devices.

2) Know for sure

Monetization models rely on seamless workflow operation and playback. Winners begin with the end viewer in mind. They understand their audience relationship in real time. Finding out from consumer surveys is too late. The name of the game is service reliability and playback quality.

See you in New York City May 8-9th!

We’ll be at Booth #217

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T101. Best Practices For Advanced Software Encoder Evaluations

Professor Zhou Wang, CSO, & others, Tuesday, May 8: 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

As video encoding moves to software operating on virtualized architectures across varying computing infrastructures, the complexities of evaluating a video encoder have never been greater. Attendees hear from service providers, encoding solution vendors, and the creator of the industry’s best-known quality measures, all discussing how video encoding engineers can ensure a successful evaluation, from video quality assessment to performance, content selection, and operational considerations.

DT104. Discovery Track Session

Professor Zhou Wang, CSO, Tuesday, May 8 2:45 – 3:30 p.m.

Learn what it takes to create target viewer quality based bitrate ladders for Live content and Video on Demand assets. Send the bits only when they are needed. Control viewer experience and efficiently stream a LIVE or VOD title with a ladder tailor-made to its specific characteristics and complexity. Attend this session for your chance to win: Streaming video gift card package ($200 value)