We’re in business to help those who prepare and distribute live and on-demand content. How? By monitoring the end-to-end quality of every stream, over any type of network, for every display and optimizing with a complete understanding of human visual perception.

Our platform makes use of data, science and algorithms to preserve intent as it pertains to art, color and emotion.

We created this video for our website, not just to look beautiful, but to convey the complexities of preparing and delivering motion in an internet world. Many have asked, “How did you shoot the video? What’s the inspiration behind it?”  So here’s a Behind The Scenes look and the 4 key concepts from the creative brief:

  • Focus on the human viewer, the human eye. We trust our eyes and our technology literally puts the human visual system into software.
  • Choose content that is difficult to compress (dust, confetti, particles). Check out this great video that explains compression and video streaming over the internet.
  • The world is a connected and textured global community. We are a North American company rich in diversity serving a global customer base. We drew inspiration from the other side of the planet, namely the festival of colors.
  • The screen is our looking glass. Through pixels and the red, green, blue signals we activate the cones of our eyes, our minds and our hearts. Start with the pure RGB color space as represented in our brand identity.

The video was shot using Red Digital cameras at 300 frames per second in widescreen format. We kept the output at a 2048 x 854 resolution with a native frame rate of 24 using a 12-bit color depth with 4:4:4 sampling. The output for our website has been compressed and scaled to be responsive to the browser and screen it is being viewed on. Big thanks to Arc-Media for helping us create our vision.

Behind the Scenes

The Final Video