Stream Smart™

Bring the best video quality to subscribers at the lowest delivery cost through a Smart Layer for your encoders.

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Are you looking to reduce delivery costs while ensuring you deliver the same viewer experience without changing your current encoder or infrastructure?

Stream Smart™ is a viewer-centric solution that acts as a smart layer for existing video encoders. Stream Smart gives streaming providers greater control and automation to optimize workflows. The end result is a viewer experience that achieves business goals at the absolute minimum cost, all while reducing human intervention as part of the traditional feedback loop.

What makes it so smart?

Output - HEVC encode bitrate: 11.5Mbps Output - HEVC encode bitrStream Smart™ Bitrate: 15% saving

SSIMWAVE’s Emmy® Award-winning tech and hyper-accurate perceptual quality SSIMPLUS® metric (Yes, we won two), delivers on-demand content at the provider’s video quality level and at optimal bitrate.

The result? Millions of dollars in savings each year. Results are typically 15-30% above what your top-of-the-line content-aware encoders are already delivering that lead to higher subscriber satisfaction and retention.

Stream Smart Integrates Simply With All Workflows.

Seamless deployment:

  • Stream Smart is straightforward to implement and easy to integrate into your existing workflow. Stream Smart calls your current encoder the same way that you do today. It can be deployed in a streaming provider’s on-prem data center or its cloud-based VPC.
  • It can also be offered as an SDK when in-house encoders are being utilized.


  • Works with leading third-party encoders in the industry
  • Supports commonly used video codecs such as AVC, HEVC and AV1
  • Provides wide resolution and dynamic range support
  • Adapts the encoder configuration based on encoder performance behaviour and content attributes

Respected and Recognized

The SSIMPLUS® algorithm is the power behind Stream Smart.

Emmy gold

The foundation of Stream Smart is the SSIMPLUS algorithm that is so uniquely powerful that it was awarded a 2020 Technology and Engineering Emmy® Award.

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Media & entertainment companies, pay TV distributors, and streaming services rely on our perceptual video quality metric to delight their users.

Emmy gold machine to human correlation icon

SSIMPLUS delivers the most trustworthy Viewer Experience Score by replicating the human viewer experience and closely correlating with Mean Opinion Scores.


SSIMPLUS delivers a trustworthy Viewer Experience Score for Live and VOD regardless of content type, source quality, frame rate, resolution, codec, dynamic range, device, or visual impairments.

1 Consistent across content type Partially Partially Partially Yes
2 Consistent across impairments No No No Yes
3 Consistent across content attributes Partially Partially Partially Yes – HDR, WCG
4 Source quality (incl. no-reference) No No No Yes

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