VOD Monitor

Video quality assurance at scale that correlates with human vision.

We know your challenges.

Inconsistent Quality Assurance processes don’t always align with companies’ quality standards.

Race car on track with a bad banding score

Here’s how we can help:

Manually managing your QA processes can be subjective, open to errors, and do not scale as desired. You need a scalable and more efficient way to automate your film distribution methods at the highest quality for viewers.

VOD Monitor can enable your company to benefit from an automated and scalable distribution process, while efficiently providing a high-quality viewer experience.

Track Viewer Experience across file-based video workflows.

Automate your QA process with the only quality metric that is correlated to human vision. VOD Monitor allows you to accurately analyze and measure quality and the end viewer experience with automated comparisons.

A few ways VOD Monitor ensures a consistent viewing experience:

  • Operational intelligence allows you to review analytics and content performance.
  • Increase efficiency of your video operations and reduce overhead costs.
  • System wide QA automation.

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SSIMWAVE VOD Monitor hairline comparison of different video quality

Distribution and Automation at Scale

Pass/fail notifications for video, audio, and closed captions, enable you to deploy assets at scale.

VOD Monitor quality map comparison
  • Viewer Experience measurement using SSIMPLUS that supports all content types and attributes.
  • Pass/Fail video, audio, and closed caption alerts with custom templates.
  • Unique metrics help to fix issues such as banding and macroblocking detection using pixels, and content features.
  • Scalable, cluster-based solution with flexible deployment options.
  • Predictable and sustained high-performance architecture regardless of load.

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VOD Monitor is fully virtualized.

VOD Monitor can be deployed using a Kubernetes platform within Google Cloud Engine, AWS EC2, Microsoft Azure, or On-Premises Data Centers. The platform supports the following media container formats and video codecs:

Media Container Formats: 

MXF, MOV, MP4, MPEG-TS, AVI, M4V, MPG, V210, WebM, YUV, and many others.

Video Codecs: 

ProRes, JPEG 2000, DNxHD, H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, VP9, AV1, MPEG-2, and many others.

HDR Formats: 

HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision

VOD Monitor addresses the QA needs of every video service.


Designed for streaming by Emmy Awards winning team, VOD Monitor delivers viewer-first real-time monitoring of input and output video quality including audio and closed captioning at every stage of the delivery ecosystem. VOD Monitor provides a clear view of any potential problems—including root causes, frequency and solutions—even before subscribers notice them.

The VOD Monitor connects with any point in your workflow from creation through to the viewer.

Built for scale, with VOD Monitor you will enjoy end-to-end monitoring of Viewer Scores, QoS measurement, and SLA compliance across your workflow.

Here’s how SSIMPLUS Viewer Score stacks up to VMAF, SSIM, and PSNR based in-house solutions.


SSIMPLUS is able to account for transformations at every point of your video workflow.

Success Criteria VMAF AVQT SSIM PSNR SSIMPLUS Viewer Score
1 End-to-End video experience automation Partially (encoding only) No No No Yes
2 Content creation to viewer screen No No No No Yes
3 Consistent across content type Partially Partially Partially Partially Yes
4 Consistent across impairments No No No No Yes
5 Support for viewer modes No No No No Yes
6 Consistent across content attributes Partially Partially Partially Partially Yes – HDR, WCG
7 Consistent across Live and VOD Only VOD Only VOD Only VOD Yes Yes
8 Source quality (incl. no-reference) No No No No Yes
9 Playback viewer experience No No No No Yes

Why the media & entertainment industry uses VOD Monitor.

VOD Monitor is a file-based video experience and quality measurement platform for sources, distribution encoded multi-bitrate content and playback.

Operational Benefits

VOD Monitor enables you to deliver consistently better video experiences without increasing your operational costs or introducing unwanted technical complexity. 

Using VOD Monitor you can:

  • Measure viewer experience with the only objective quality metric that is aligned with human vision.
  • Compare viewer experiences over a variety of delivery methods or workflow segments.
  • Objectively benchmark technologies and workflows.

Business Benefits

VOD Monitor connects to your video workflow and operationalizes viewer experience data to remove the guesswork and inconsistency from manual QC and source validation steps. 

Using VOD Monitor you can:

  • Improve ARPU and reduce churn by understanding empirically how video quality and UX is impacting subscriber behavior.
  • Validate source quality to ensure that you and your distributors and partners are meeting SLAs so that they can deliver the best viewer experience.
  • Make viewer informed decisions about the setup and configuration of your video encoders.

Save tens of millions

by reducing your churn by up to 5% due to video quality saving you millions of dollars.


your operations process saving you millions on the cost of subjective
‘golden eyes’.

Provide better

Customer Service

through video experience automation.

VOD Monitor Versions

Professional Advanced Master
Description Automated QC platform that provides comprehensive content quality and encoding performance checks. Automated QC platform with detailed diagnosis of source and encoding performance issues. Video Experience Automation using cutting edge metrics to locate and resolve most challenging issues with file based content.
Top Features
  • Perceptual quality monitoring
  • Full HD video support
  • Quality checks and alerting
  • Data integrations using REST API
  • Frame and quality map viewer for deeper diagnostics
  • UHD and HDR10 video support
  • Custom dashboards with scheduled reports
  • Frame-level data granularity
  • Advanced metrics for challenging impairments and metadata validation
  • Dolby Vision support
  • Studio viewer mode
  • Custom pass/fail logic support
Recommended for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Operations teams primarily focused on content delivery All tiers of content operations and technology teams Content Operations, Technology, and Data teams at Studios and Streaming platforms

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VOD Monitor Detailed Features

Data Resolution

Professional Advanced Master

Data Retention

Professional Advanced Master
Per-frame historical data N/A N/A 1 year
Per-second/minute real-time data 90 days 1 year 5 years
Asset-level data 90 days 1 year 5 years

Operational Intelligence

Professional Advanced Master
Default dashboards 4 6 10
Custom dashboards 0 5 10
Custom dashboard development time (hrs) 0 10 40
Insights User accounts 1 4 10
Scheduled reports

Deployment Options

Professional Advanced Master
Docker container
Kubernetes with REST API


Professional Advanced Master
mxf, mov, ts, mp4, avi, mpg, raw
m3u8, mpd

Video resolution

Professional Advanced Master

Dynamic range

Professional Advanced Master
Dolby Vision

Video codec

Professional Advanced Master

Visual validation

Professional Advanced Master
Frame viewer

Video metrics

Professional Advanced Master
SSIMPLUS Viewer Score
Encoder Performance Score
No-reference SSIMPLUS Viewer Score
SSIMPLUS Quality Map
SSIMPLUS Banding Score
SSIMPLUS Banding Map
Perceptual color differences
Perceptual color differences map
Content complexity
Color gamut detection
HDR metadata detection
Typical viewer mode
Expert viewer mode
Studio viewer mode


Professional Advanced Master
Video metadata
Audio metadata
Closed captions metadata

Quality checks

Professional Advanced Master
Audio silence
Video freeze
Black/solid color frame
Color bars
No closed captions

Pass/fail logic

Professional Advanced Master
Asset score based
Time and threshold based
Custom pass/fail algorithm
Custom per-analysis pass/fail configuration
Per-analysis scene definitions

API/data integrations

Professional Advanced Master
Data streaming integration

Automate your QA and stop worrying about quality drop-offs, and high operational cost so that you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from the only end-to-end solution that works across broadcast, OTT streaming, and cable workflows.

SSIMWAVE's measurement standard represents a generational breakthrough in the video industry.

The Television Academy, 67th Primetime Emmy Awardfor significantly impacting television technology and engineering.

SSIMWAVE's SSIMPLUS™ platform is by far the best device-adaptive perceptual video quality predictor we have seen in the market.

Miguel Cabello, Video Technology ArchitectTelefonica

Technical Specifications

Supported formats

Media Container Formats IMF, MXF, MOV, MP4, MPEG-TS, AVI, M4V, MPG, V210, WebM, YUV, and many others.
Video Codecs ProRes, JPEG 2000, DNxHD, H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, VP9, AV1, MPEG-2, and many others.
HDR Formats HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision.
Audio Codecs and Formats Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital (AC-3), Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC-3), AAC, HE-AAC, and many others.
Closed Captions CEA-608/CEA-708 in Line 21 video.

System requirements

SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor is a software based solution that deploys on commercial off-the-shelf hardware. Run a single instance on a single server or scale to multiple instances on a cluster.

  • Min. requirements 8vCPU, 2.2 Ghz, 16 GB RAM for SD/HD analysis
  • Bare-metal (CentOS)
  • Virtual machines (VirtualBox and VMWare)
  • Cloud enabled for Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform

Any filesystem that can be mounted on CentOS is supported.

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