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Deliver Just Right Viewer Experience at the Lowest Possible Cost

Quality video dial

Deliver Just Right Viewer Experience at the minimum cost

Win the streaming wars with confidence

SSIMPLUS® Video Quality Dial gives video providers the ultimate power to dial the Viewer Experience up or down to the target level and deliver it consistently while saving money. Happy with your current quality? We will ensure you continue to achieve it consistently as you scale, at the minimum possible cost. Want to dial the quality up to catch up with competitors and ensure subscribers don’t call to complain? VQ Dial will help you achieve this new Viewer Experience level and save money.

This is what delivering “Just Right” means: Dial in your target Quality, Dial down Costs.

Encoder settings become an output as Video Quality Dial makes sure each asset is delivered at the target Viewer Experience Score.

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SSIMPLUS® Video Quality Dial Benefits

The Video Quality Dial is the first viewer-centric solution that gives video providers the ultimate control needed to truly optimize workflows and deliver the target Viewer Experience at the absolute minimum cost.

Remarkable Results

  • Providers consistently deliver the viewer experiences they target—improving subscriber satisfaction.
  • Services enjoy up to 60% bitrate savings on top of what content-aware encoding deliver = millions of $$$ saved per year.
  • Significantly improved Viewer Experience for subscribers on congested networks – lower buffering, stalling, delayed start.

Straightforward to Deploy

  • Video Quality Dial is installed as a smart layer around your existing encoder, without any disruption to your infrastructure or tech stack.


  • Plus, it’s encoder-agnostic and works with any codec!
  • Faster time to market for advanced workflows such as streaming HDR/Dolby Vision content

Easy to Use

  • Simply set a target Viewer Experience score and Video Quality Dial automatically does the rest.

Additional Benefits

  • VQ Dial reduces the top profile size (while delivering the target viewer experience); thus it will get used more often and subscribers will enjoy a better experience.

Savings like never before

While improving the Viewer Experience

Number of subscribers 5,000,000
Hours watched per month/subscriber 20
Average bitrate of top profile 5.8 Mbps
Number of video hours in library 20,000
Cost per GB delivered CDN egress $ 0.005

Calculations are based on SDR, H. 264 codec, 1080p resolution, 29.97fps. Contact Us if you want to receive calculations for the other parameters.

CDN egress costs $ 34,800,000
Savings at SSIMPLUS = 85 (Excellent quality) 40%
Savings per year at SSIMPLUS = 85 $13,822,080*

*Includes also the savings in storage costs. 
The above are ballpark figures, to receive more exact calculations, please contact us today.

Respected and Recognized

Emmy gold

Powered by the SSIMPLUS algorithm: 2020 Emmy® Award winner for development of perceptual metric for video encoding optimization

Emmy gold handshake icon

Some of the top SVODs already partner with us, using SSIMPLUS to create the best encodes for their VOD Libraries

Emmy gold machine to human correlation icon

The only solution with the most accurate and complete Viewer Experience metric >90% Correlation with subjective scores

Using the Video Quality Dial is as easy as 1-2-3


Choose the SSIMPLUS Viewer Experience target:

  • Choose one target for the whole library or different targets (or per asset).
  • The Dial will consistently meet the target set for each and every VOD asset in your library at segment, scene, and asset levels.


Have the Dial do all the work for you:

  • It automatically drives your existing compression engine to consistently meet this quality target using minimum resources.
  • It calls your encoder the way you do. No need for any extra settings or resources.


Enjoy the results:

  • Consistent video quality across the VOD library and millions of $$$ in delivery cost savings per year—typically up to 60% above the current content-aware encoding.
  • No more quality dips,  lower rebuffering, stalling, etc.

*Video Quality Dial will respect your current delivery and playback constraints as per your current encoding implementation to make sure that content decoding, and playback is not impacted.

Deliver Consistent Target Viewer Experiences

No more quality dips! Achieve the target Viewer Score consistently with up to 60% savings on top of content-aware approaches. In the below example – achieve the target Viewer Score of 85 (excellent quality) at 34% savings vs. a state-of-the-art content-aware encoder. See the difference.

The green line is the SSIMPLUS VQ Dial optimized asset, driving the same encoder in a smarter way, the orange is encoded with a state-of-the-art content-aware encoding approach. With the current encoder you are spending more bits than needed as quality fluctuates below and above the target.

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How does it work?

VQ Dial drives video encoding to deliver the target Viewer Experience at the lowest possible cost. A video service doesn’t have to change their existing workflow as VQ Dial would work and behave the same way as the current encoder does. The only difference is that you would use VQ Dial instead of your encoder and VQ Dial would use your encoder on your behalf.

How easy is it to deploy?

VQ Dial is a flexible and scalable software solution that already supports the best performing encoders. You can use your existing workflow to take advantage of VQ Dial with no changes needed to your tech stack.

How easy is it to set up a trial?

As easy as 1-2-3. If you are interested, please contact us at

With what encoders is it compatible?

VQ Dial supports most commonly used and best performing encoders. We would be happy to add support for an encoder that we do not currently support upon request. 

Additional questions?

If you have additional questions like:

  • How does the performance compare with content-aware encoding approaches? 
  • What do you recommend as a target score for my library?
  • How long does it take to encode an hour long asset?
  • Does the solution create a full ABR stack? How is the ABR stack determined?
  • or any others, please contact us at
  • or fill in this form