Guard against the degradation of video quality

Compromised quality can erode margins through unnecessary support issues and defection of customers to other providers. Amidst an increasingly crowded stage of new video sources, new viewing devices and rapidly evolving network architectures, SSIMPLUS™ Live Monitor addresses the industry’s need for a unified end-to-end system that analyzes and informs optimization to viewer experience and delivery efficiency – regardless of the infrastructure and display.

SSIMWAVE'S SSIMPLUS LiveMonitor Intuitive and User Friendly Dashboard on a Canon Monitor

Affecting the viewing experiences of tens of millions of North American subscribers

Built for scale, this software enables operators to simply and cost-effectively create a unified, end-to-end monitoring environment for Viewer Score, QoS and regulatory compliance.

Designed for digital by Emmy Award winning researchers, SSIMPLUS Live Monitor delivers viewer-first real-time monitoring of input and output video quality including audio at every stage of the delivery ecosystem. SSIMPLUS Live Monitor provides a clear view of any potential problems—including root causes, frequency and solutions—often before subscribers notice them.

SSIMWAVE's measurement standard represents a generational breakthrough in the video industry.

The Television Academy, 67th Primetime Emmy Awardfor significantly impacting television technology and engineering.

SSIMWAVE's SSIMPLUS™ platform is by far the best device-adaptive perceptual video quality predictor we have seen in the market.

Miguel Cabello, Video Technology ArchitectTelefonica

End-to-end real-time monitoring and insights

SSIMPLUS Live Monitor is unique in that it addresses two traditional hurdles for comprehensive video Test and Measurement:

  1. A need for correlated real-time monitoring solutions for each function of the network through to playout
  2. A product that independently monitors and evaluates encoders and transcoders

SSIMPLUS Live Monitor uses computationally efficient software-based probes to monitor video and audio quality at all five points in the content ecosystem, including: Source; Encoding and Demux Output; Aggregator Output; Delivery Across the Demarcation Point; and Playout by End-User Devices. Importantly, SSIMPLUS Live Monitor is alone in offering the industry’s first real-time independent monitoring of encoders, allowing operators to secure the weakest link in the current ecosystem.

Operational benefits

SSIMPLUS Live Monitor is operationally designed to answer key questions that impact the video experience, notably:

  1. What is the service and stream level infrastructure performance from a viewer experience and regulatory conformance status?
  2. Where did the degradation happen?
  3. When did the degradation happen and how frequently?
  4. Why did the degradation happen?
  5. How to fix the issue?

Business benefits

  • Single-solution for both Live (linear), VOD (on-demand) and Ad workflows;
  • Viewer score simplicity for entire linear channel lineups and title libraries;
    Accurately measure infrastructure performance against subscriber expectations
  • Benchmark and objective set SLAs for encoders, transcoder, packager, CDN and player vendors
  • Comply with regulatory standards including closed captioning and audio loudness
  • Redirect staffing resources currently devoted to monitoring operations;
  • Reduce the total number of vendors required for a comprehensive correlated solution; and
  • Subscription-friendly solution provides flexibility between OPEX:CAPEX spending.

Single-pane dig deep dashboards

Complex algorithms and big data meaningfully presented for executives to make critical business decisions and engineers to identify and fix quality problems.

SSIMPLUS LiveMonitor Business Operational Intelligence

Bring the accuracy of 100,000 human views to every stage of the video workflow

A scalable metric is required across all aspects. Existing video quality metrics do not account for impact of transformations on perceptual video quality.

SSIMPLUS™ Live Monitor VMAF – based SSIM – based PSNR – based
Across content types Yes. One score across all types of content partial No No
Across resolutions Yes No No No
Across frame-rates Yes No No No
Across dynamic ranges Yes No No No
Across bitrate to linear quality scale Yes Not linear Not linear Not linear
Across encoder standards Yes No Image based Image based
Across playback devices Yes. One score across all devices. No No No
Against subjective viewers >100,000 actual human views No No No
Sample duration Continuous Live & VOD; Faster than real-time. VOD only Sample Continuous
Deployment solution Software platform Algorithm Hardware/Software Hardware

Technical Specifications

System requirements

SSIMPLUS Live Monitor is a software based solution that deploys on commercial off-the-shelf hardware. Run a single instance on a single server or scale to multiple instances on a cluster.

  • Bare-metal (Redhat, CentOS)
  • Virtual machines (VirtualBox and VMWare)
  • Database redundancy
  • Geo-diverse deployment
  • Hierarchical aggregation
  • Built for All IP Video workflows and bridging from Legacy workflows

Supported formats

Content delivery Uncompressed: SDI, SDI over IP
HDMI 1.4a: HDCP 1.4 Enabled
Video codecs H.264/AVC/AVC-Intra/XAVC, H.265/HEVC, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4.
Audio codecs PCM Audio (WAV/AES/BWF), AAC, HE-AAC, Dolby Digital (AC-3), Dolby Digital Plus (EAC-3), MPEG-2 (L1,2,3), MPEG-1 and IEC61937 (AC-3).
Captions and Subtitles CEA-608/CEA-708 in Line 21 video.
Ad-insertion SCTE35 Type 5, SCTE35 Type 6.
Container Wrappers M2V, M4V, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, MPG.
Display Device Adaptive Video QOE Monitoring TV, Tablet, Phone, Monitor, Laptop.

Supported video, audio and compliance metrics

Video Single-ended source QoE
Full-reference encoder/transcoder QoE
Degraded-reference output QoE
Quality of Delivery (QoD)
Errored seconds
Format checks
Container checks
Audio Quality-of-Delivery (QoD)
True Peak Loudness measurement
Integrated Loudness measurement
Short term measurement
Momentary loudness measurement
Format checks
Container checks
Closed Captions QoE
Timing checks
Text checks
Format checks
Container checks
Ad insertion Timing information
QoE transitions
Loudness transitions

Actionable dashboards

Organizational levels Network & Region level
Market level
Service & Stream level
Reporting Market level reporting
Service level reporting
Settings & Configuration Global settings
Alert template configuration
Server manager
Support portal
Help portal

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