Video Experience Automation in the Cloud

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Benefits of using SSIMPLUS® products on AWS

Combining AWS with SSIMWAVE’s solutions will advance your video experience automation while reducing distribution expenses.

The combination of a best-in-class cloud ecosystem for M&E, combined with best-in-class quality metric and automation capabilities, results in a powerful solution for enabling assessment of video quality at scale. Studios, Broadcasters, OTTs and Aggregators can benefit from the combined AWS and SSIMWAVE solutions to deliver targeted quality while reducing costs and allowing for more flexibility and security.

Quality Control and Automation

  • SSIMWAVE adds an intelligence layer based on Viewer Experience to AWS cloud workflows and solutions for unprecedented quality control, and automation.
  • Enjoy peace of mind when migrating to the cloud.
  • Improved workflow efficiency enabled by the world’s first video experience automation platform.
  • Increase your customer satisfaction leading to reduced churn and higher viewership.

AWS Cloud Solutions offer flexible, scalable, and ubiquitous workflows

  • SSIMWAVE adds automation and quality based management capabilities to help companies ensure that such scale and global expansion can be done efficiently and effectively while providing the quality of experience that increases viewership and reduces churn.

Connecting our service is easy

AWS cloud visual diagram with with customer and SSIMWAVE VPCs connecting.
The SSIMWAVE solution includes a customer-deployed component, and Insights, SSIMWAVE’s cloud-based data platform.
The customer-deployed component deploys on Amazon EKS. It serves the REST API that is used to automate the submission of analysis requests. When requests are submitted, analysis pods are deployed. These pods access and analyze the video content stored in S3 buckets. The resulting metadata and metrics, including SSIMPLUS, SSIMWAVE’s two-time Emmy-awarded video quality metric, are streamed to Insights. Because the analysis takes place in the customer VPC, customers do not have to give up control over access to their content.
For automated systems, Insights provides access to the results through it’s REST API. Also provided are a rich set of reports and dashboards, including the ability to drill into problem areas by viewing individual frames.

We help manage lean production workflows without reprocessing and high variable costs.


hours of live video monitored every month.


live channels monitored around-the-clock.


subscribers viewer experiences are improved by our solutions.

Deliver Consistent Target Viewer Experiences

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