IMAX Knows Quality.

Our Video Experience Automation Platform allows you to stop worrying about quality drop-offs and high operational costs. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from the only end-to-end solution that works across broadcast, OTT streaming, and cable workflows to automate your QA and optimization steps with the only quality metric that is correlated to human vision. We offer the Video Intelligence Suite, comprised of VOD Monitor and Live Monitor, and Stream Smart™. Learn more about our products:

VOD Monitor Product Information

VOD Monitor

Finally, there’s a way to measure asset quality consistently across file-based video workflows using one standardized measurement – the SSIMPLUS Viewer Score. Introducing VOD Monitor, a cloud-based, cross-workflow quality assessment tool to handle asset volumes found in VOD production environments.

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Live Monitor Square

Live Monitor

Because your live video workflow uses multiple vendors, we created Live Monitor which can consistently measure and identify service issues to help pinpoint exactly where problems develop. At a glance, see real-time operational status to ensure everything is working as it should.

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Stream Smart Product Information

Stream Smart™

Stream Smart allows you to set a target viewer experience score so that you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from an automated end-to-end optimization solution that works over any encoder or workflow to improve your transcoding process with the only quality metric that is correlated to human vision. 

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We know that managing lean production workflows to deliver better viewer experiences without reprocessing and high variable costs, is not simple. Ensuring an optimum balance between video quality and bitrate is difficult when QA and optimization tools are expensive to operate and often do not correlate well to human vision. 

A Video Experience Automation Platform connects to your workflow and operationalizes viewer experience data to remove the guesswork and inconsistency from manual QA and validation processes. By plugging into the content creation, contribution, distribution, and delivery steps, your quality assurance function can be scaled beyond non-metric-based processes so that you can deliver a reliable quality of experience to your distributors and subscribers.

The SSIMWAVE Experience Automation Platform uses APIs to act as a control plane for your existing video encoding, processing, and distribution workflows to answer questions like, what should the optimum bitrate be for my files and streams? Do I need a full QC on every stream or file? What is the best method to measure visual quality losses between my source, mezzanine, and compressed files? How can I ensure the highest quality is always delivered to my viewers?

Assuring consistent video experience in a cost-effective way can be a challenge when you don’t manage the entire distribution chain. And we understand that the variety of environments that your video passes through could not be more diverse. From SVOD to Pay TV, to vMVPD and social networks, the technical requirements and business model variations can heavily impact the final visual quality.

The Emmy-awarded SSIMPLUS® algorithm is the most accurate viewer experience metric ever engineered and it is the foundation of our Video Experience Automation Platform. The core products include our Stream Smart and Video Intelligence Suite that enable media companies to be 100% confident that their D2C services and distribution partners are delivering your content at the quality level that you have specified.

How the SSIMWAVE Video Experience Automation Platform is used by organizations just like yours to address video quality issues across the entire library and all streams, including:

  • The removal of wasted delivery spends so that users receive a consistent video experience regardless of the playback device or network.
  • To validate third-party content quality per the SLA.
  • To identify and correct subpar source assets or streams.
  • To alert and remedy issues impacting viewer experience.