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SSIMPLUS Video dial

SSIMPLUS® Video Quality Dial

SSIMPLUS® Video Quality Dial gives video providers the ultimate power to dial the Viewer Experience up or down to the target level and deliver it consistently while saving money. Happy with your current quality? We will ensure you continue to achieve it consistently as you scale, at the minimum possible cost.

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SSIMWAVE Vod monitor

SSIMPLUS® VOD Monitor Production

Finally, there’s a way to measure asset quality consistently across file-based video workflows using one standardized measurement – the SSIMPLUS Viewer Score. Introducing SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor Production a cloud-based, cross-workflow quality assessment tool to handle asset volumes found in VOD production environments.

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SSIMPLUS® Live Monitor

Because your live video workflow uses multiple vendors, we created SSIMPLUS Live Monitor which can consistently measure and identify service issues to help pinpoint exactly where problems develop. At a glance, see real-time operational status to ensure everything is working as it should.

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