In his Forbes Technology article, SSIMWAVE™ CEO, Dr. Abdul Rehman, is talking about how the company is changing the business of video delivery with science and a unified, end-to-end QoE metric.

Here is an excerpt from this thought leadership piece: “Netflix, for example, uses a method called video multimethod assessment fusion, or VMAF. VMAF makes use of machine learning to determine video quality, as opposed to the human visual system method known as SSIMPLUS. The suitability of both methods was discussed at Streaming Media East earlier this year.

From the discussion, VMAF proves to be a feasible quality control for on-demand binge-watching of pre-recorded programming, when there is time to check and recheck the video files. SSIMPLUS, on the other hand, excels with the get-it-right-the-first-time livestream scenarios such as the Super Bowl.”

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