Waterloo, ON, Canada, May 1st, 2019 – Akamai Technologies’ Thomas Stark and SSIMWAVE® co-founder Dr. Zhou Wang will discuss how optimizing consumer Quality of Experience (QoE) can increase subscriber satisfaction and boost media industry revenues during a panel open to all registered attendees at the Streaming Media East conference in New York City.

Stark, Product Marketing Manager for Media in EMEA for Akamai, and Dr. Wang, the Emmy Award-winning Chief Science Officer for SSIMWAVE, will address the linkage between video quality and media bottom lines, drawing from an Akamai white paper entitled: “What Does ‘Good’ Look Like?” The panelists will outline how advances in the Structural Similarity index method – notably SSIMWAVE’s SSIMPLUS® system can provide content owners, content distributors and equipment vendors with the precise measurements needed to make video better.

The panel will be held on Tuesday, May 7 from 10:55 a.m. until 11:15 a.m. as part of the Discovery Track. Nadine Krefetz, a leading author on streaming media technologies, will moderate the session.

“The Akamai paper singles out both the importance of Perceptual Quality and the unparalleled value of SSIMPLUS in measuring video fidelity as seen by the viewer,” said Dr. Wang.  “The findings are particularly significant for OTT and D2C services that depend on network conditions and need to take into account the different devices on which content is being delivered and experienced.”

In addition to the panel discussion, Dr. Wang also will deliver a presentation on “Unifying Monitoring and Metrics to Maximize Viewer QoE” on Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. in the Video Engineering Summit and SSIMWAVE will show at its Booth #119 how SSIMPLUS can help the video industry measure and objectively score performance at every point in the delivery pipeline. The SSIMWAVE booth will include demonstrations of how SSIMPLUS can verify OTT and D2C workflow performance in live or on-demand content and advertising.; a demonstration of how SSIMWAVE technology can capture the most common issues with video quality like video freezes, macroblocking, audio silence and other impairments; and an interactive display that will allow attendees to compare their impressions of video quality against actual SSIMPLUS viewer scores.



A company at the forefront of Viewer Intelligence® (VI®), SSIMWAVE® is built on an Prime time Engineering Emmy® Award-winning algorithm. SSIMWAVE is defining the future of video delivery by beginning with the end-viewer in mind. SSIMWAVE provides the most accurate measure of how humans perceive video. By modelling, measuring and optimizing viewer experience at every stage of the digital video distribution system, broadcasters, streamers, and content creators can deliver The Ultimate Viewing Experience® to consumers on any screen over any network.



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