Waterloo (Ontario), CANADA, September 6, 2017 – The Accelerator Centre (AC) is pleased to announce its newest graduates of the Accelerator Program. The graduation of SSIMWAVE and FindBob Ltd. mark the 56th and 57th successful graduation from the AC’s world-renowned Accelerator Program.

“SSIMWAVE and FindBob both represent the tremendous impact that entrepreneurs can have on their respective industries. They are the reason why programs like ours exist – to support entrepreneurs so they can tackle big problems and deliver big impact.” – Paul Salvini, CEO, Accelerator Centre


At the forefront of Viewer Intelligence™, SSIMWAVE™ is built on an Engineering Emmy® Award-winning algorithm. SSIMWAVE is defining the future of video delivery with the most accurate measure of how humans perceive video. With SSIMWAVE technology, video distributors, networks and studios can keep up with the explosive growth of video and deliver the ultimate viewing experience™ to consumers on any screen, anywhere.

Our customers include major players in the media, entertainment and MVPD (Multichannel Video Programming Distributor) industries and our state-of-the-art products provide the most optimal way to measure, control and optimize live and file-based video.

We’re a growing team of engineers, video scientists, product and business experts. Our diverse team is driven to advance the business of video.

FindBob Ltd.

FindBob helps insurance and financial institutions encourage better transition behaviour so they can protect the value of their most precious asset – their book of business.  FindBob was founded by Roland Chan, a former enterprise software architect and successor to a mid-sized insurance and investment practice in Toronto, after witnessing firsthand the impact lack of continuity planning can have on the industry, advisors, firms and especially consumers.  Thanks to the support of the AC, FindBob is now serving some of the largest insurance and mutual fund companies in Canada and is focusing its efforts on its US expansion plans.

About the Accelerator Centre

The Accelerator Centre is an award winning startup accelerator/incubator dedicated to building and scaling sustainable, globally competitive technology firms, commercializing advanced research  emerging from academic institutions, and enabling corporations to pursue innovative initiatives. Our flagship, Accelerator Program offers a 2 year, milestone based program and one-on-one mentorship that is proven to help startups grow faster.


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