Viewer-aware Optimization – Mile High Video Dec 2020 talk

By December 6, 2020April 18th, 2023Featured, News

Welcome to the future of video delivery – video quality on demand

Measuring the viewer experience, cutting content delivery costs and reducing operational inefficiencies are the top three issues video providers are facing, according to an extensive study recently conducted by Dan Rayburn. Streaming providers are disappointed to discover that the current state-of-the-art approaches are not good enough to address the concerns.

Watch this video from the Mile High Video event to hear how starting with the viewer and looking backwards through the video chain can help providers first determine desired video quality, and then set delivery parameters to meet that objective.

Join our CEO, Dr. Abdul Rehman in this talk to learn how providers and streaming services can use the most accurate and comprehensive video quality metric – SSIMPLUS and the SSIMPLUS Video Quality Dial to set desired Viewer Experience levels and feel confident of the processing and compression decisions they are making without operating blindly and saving millions of dollars in delivery costs per year.

“Content-aware/per-title/per-scene encoding approaches, promise to reduce bitrate while maintaining “quality”, but they can only worsen viewer experience and do not fix content with lower than desired viewer experience. ” said Rehman.

While increasing bitrate may help improve content viewer experience to varying degrees, it can negatively impact playback viewer experience due to additional load on content delivery and playback infrastructure in an indeterministic fashion.

“The viewer experience-based dial can guarantee a target or a desired viewer experience on-demand, on a per-view basis. That can dictate how the rest of the delivery chain can be set up.”

Watch the full recording here