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Take control of quality optimization by knowing exactly what viewers will experience regardless of the medium or the device.  Viewer intelligent tools built alongside leading cinematographers, colourists, video scientists, post-production engineers and leading manufacturers of capture and display equipment. Our science is recognized by The American Society of Cinematographers through a technical committee aptly named, “SSIMWAVE.”

Put cutting-edge science and 20+ years of real-world research to work. Create memorable, engaging viewing experiences for audiences everywhere – via online streaming (OTT), cable, satellite, cellular, memory cards, Blu-ray or DVD and on playback devices ranging from 4K TVs, tablets, computers, phones to set-top boxes.

Tools and technologies for studios

Take control of video quality. Reliably configure encoders and transcoders by knowing exactly what viewers will experience.


Determine the real-time health of your digital video distribution system. Truly understand viewer experience against expectations.


The algorithm's computational simplicity and ability to accurately predict human assessment of visual quality has made it a standard tool in broadcast and post-production houses throughout the television industry.

The Television Academy67th Engineering Emmy Awards

The American Society of Cinematographer's Working Group has been collaborating with Dr. Zhou Wang, Dr. Abdul Rehman, and with Dr. Kai Zeng to design and set up a testbed and evaluation by experienced content creators.

SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal2017 Progress Report


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