Professional-grade products and solutions

SSIMWAVE Streamer customers able to deliver full video experience with half the bit rate


Protect your brand by ensuring desired Viewer Experience levels of the content you provide to aggregators (MVPDs, OTTs, AVODs). Monitor and validate your partners’ performance at HDMI out to ensure quality did not degrade during delivery.

D2C and OTT

Use our virtual eyes” anywhere in your workflow/delivery chain to ensure the Viewer Experience levels that will win the streaming wars for you. Create efficient workflows with half the bitrate or delight viewers with premium tiers using the same bitrate. Monetize better by keeping subscribers engaged.

SSIMWAVE Broadcaster customers will be able to implement revolutionary end-to-end solution


Rely on our revolutionary and practical end-to-end solutions to meet the growing expectations of today’s IPTV unicast-based multichannel video programming distribution.

Professional Technologies for Professional use in broadcasting, streaming or content creation

Content Creators

Use our innovative and automated tools to analyze and choose the best configurations and codecs to deliver the best possible video experiences to your audiences.