The Science of Seeing for the Business of Video

Dr. Zhou Wang Wins Emmy with Dr. Abdul Rehman, Richard Turton and Ling Loerchner by his side at the Television Academy's Ceremony 2015

Watch a video and ask yourself a simple question: How good is the quality of the image? Like most people, the answer is easy. But how would a computer answer? Where would it even begin? Read the introduction.

Best for: Video engineers, architects, artists and business professionals responsible for preparing and delivering motion pictures and television.
Featuring: Emmy Award winning engineers Drs. Abdul Rehman and Zhou Wang.

NewsScience of Seeing
December 13, 2019

Worried about losing subscribers due to poor video quality?

SSIMWAVE’s powerful new tools can identify video with bad quality at different points in the…
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Science of Seeing
March 8, 2019

How SSIMWAVE helps tame macroblocking events

Saturday night. Leafs versus Habs. Thousands of pulses spike from coast to coast as Auston…
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Comparing two apples in a grocery store
Science of Seeing
January 4, 2019

What is Viewer Score and Why Does it Matter?

If your business is built on delivering video over the internet at scale, it only…
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Watching streaming video with macroblocking on tablet
Science of Seeing
October 1, 2018

The Quality Paradigm: Or, why you don’t want to be a bit player

The goal of video delivery is simple — deliver a consistent, quality, viewing experience that…
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Science of Seeing
September 21, 2018

The Quality Paradigm: Monitoring and Controlling Hundreds of Thousands of Connections

The journey is fraught with peril. The route through is never clear. Threats await at…
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