The internet has revolutionized the way people view content: Over-the-air broadcasts and cable- and satellite-based delivery methods have been replaced by video delivered over the internet – both live-streamed and file-based. Doing so has given consumers unprecedented choice, convenience and control of where they watch and how.

Subscribers, viewer like you and me, expect the choice without the hassle of handling multiple streaming service subscriptions. And on top of all of that, they expect high viewing quality for their preferred content when and where they watch it.

The process of delivering quality video over the internet, however, is one that is fraught with peril. The existing video delivery chain – the journey that a video takes from camera to a viewer’s device – is fragmented. Each stage is controlled by different players. Each player is concerned with the quality of only their own small piece of the chain and lacks comprehensive, reliable tools to monitor quality and ensure product integrity through the length of a video’s journey.

SSIMWAVE, co-founded by the most cited researchers in the field, is solving these problems with a unified, end-to-end approach to video delivery starting with the end-viewer in mind. Its Emmy Award winning technology literally puts the human visual system into software. It is able to predict and validate whether a viewer will be satisfied with the image they see on their screen, and if the answer shows that the viewer’s Quality of Experience (QoE) will be below optimal, its software will point the way to solutions, faster than real time, to make appropriate corrections.


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