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Dr. Abdul Rehman - SSIMWAVE CEO

Dr. Abdul Rehman

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder & Director
Advancing Viewer Intelligence® and the video industry with his transformational SSIMPLUS® algorithms.

Lois Norris

Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer

Carlos Hernandez

Chief Revenue Officer

VP engineering Peter Olijnyk

Peter Olijnyk

Vice President Engineering

Todd Bissett


Steve McCartney, President SSIMWAVE

Steve McCartney


Stephanie Holmes

Director, Human Resources

Dr. Kai Zeng, Co-Founder and CTO SSIMWAVE

Dr. Kai Zeng

Co-Founder, Member Technical Staff
Engineering the most accurate algorithms into software technologies and products. 

Professor Zhou Wang,Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer SSIMWAVE

Professor Zhou Wang

Chief Science Officer, Board Chair & Co-Founder
Key inventor of structural similarity, the most widely-used QoE algorithm in the world.

  • SSIM Algorithm presented

    Dr. Wang presents the revolutionary structural similarity (SSIM) algorithm in, “Image Quality Assessment: From Error Visibility to Structural Similarity” with A.C. Bovik, H.R. Sheikh and E.P. Simoncelli.

  • Multi-Scale SSIM paper is released

    Dr. Zhou Wang, E.P. Simoncelli and A.C. Bovik release an invited paper at the 37th IEEE Asilomar Conference proposing a multi-scale structural similarity method.

  • IEEE Best Paper Award for SSIM

    Dr. Wang and A.C. Bovik receive the highest award given by the IEEE Signal Process Society retrospective over the previous 5 years.

  • SSIMWAVE Inc. is founded

    Dr. Wang and PhDs Abdul Rehman and Kai Zeng found SSIMWAVE as a University of Waterloo spinoff to apply their research.

  • SSIMPLUS paper is published

    The revolutionary SSIMPLUS algorithm is published in the paper Display Device-Adapted Video Quality-of-Experience Assessment by Abdul Rehman, Kai Zeng, and Zhou Wang.

  • SSIM wins Primetime Emmy Award

    Dr. Wang receives a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, for his work on the development of video quality prediction models.

  • ASC SSIMWAVE Working Group

    The American Society of Cinematographers established the Working Group to work with SSIMWAVE to design and set up a testbed and evaluation by experienced content creators.

  • IEEE Sustained Impact Award

    Zhou Wang, Al Bovik and Hamid Sheikh received the 2017 IEEE Signal Processing Society Sustained Impact Paper Award. As of December 2016, this paper has been cited nearly 14,000 times, making it the most cited paper ever published in any IEEE Signal Processing Society publication.

  • Streaming Media Top 100

    SSIMWAVE named as one of Streaming Media’s top 100 companies that matter most in online video in 2017.

  • Streaming Video Alliance

    SSIMWAVE became a Principal Member of the Streaming Video Alliance alongside major players in the industry such as Dolby, THX, and many others.

  • Streaming Media Top 50

    SSIMWAVE named as one of Streaming Media’s 2018 top 50 companies that are doing the most interesting and innovative work in streaming video.

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