Deliver viewer experiences that are second to none.

Whether you’re a content owner, broadcaster, streaming service or an aggregator (MVPD), we can help you accelerate your video delivery business in four key areas:

Validate and Manage HDR Quality

Use our unique capability to validate HDR content to:
  • Ensure preservation of HDR artistic intent
  • Detect where and why content degrades 
  • Know the impact of processing from “As Graded” to Mezzanine files down to the viewer
Dolby Vision IBC announcement

Fix Processing and Delivery Issues

End subscribers’ frustrations by eliminating:
  • A/V sync issues
  • Macroblocking
  • Latency
  • Video freeze
  • Benchmark the Viewer Experience at any content hand-off

Balance Viewer Experience and Cost

Deliver the desired Viewer Experience levels:
  • Reduce your video delivery costs without sacrificing quality
  • Alternatively, maximize the Viewer Experience with the same resources
  • Per asset, channel or scene for your LIVE or VOD needs

Increase Viewership, Monetize Better

Maximize viewership & $$$ starting with the Viewer Experience:
  • Correlate viewer behaviour with quality
  • Personalize experience per viewer
  • Increase ad revenue by keeping viewers engaged
  • Fix SCTE35/104 issues

It’s impossible to keep an eye on video quality for all your content. Until now.

SSIMPLUS monitors video quality across all devices, resolutions, formats, networks and services, 24/7. Our software probes are your “eyes” for every stage of your workflow or delivery chain.

Here are the most common pain points we can help you with:


Understand the Viewer Experience at any point in your chain and make informed decisions.

Measure the Viewer Experience

Quantify the impact of every process and parameter on the Viewer Experience for both SDR and HDR content by looking into your video delivery chain from glass to glass. Detect issues like banding, encoding impairments, A/V sync, macroblocking, video freeze, and many more with SSIMPLUS, the most accurate Viewer Experience metric.

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Compare Delivery Chains

Compare the Viewer Experience over a variety of services (D2C and OTT, IPTV, cable, satellite) or workflow segments to ensure a consistent Viewer Experience and optimize distribution costs.

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Correlate Viewer Behavior with Quality

Link video player data with the SSIMPLUS Viewer Score to understand how Viewer Experience impacts viewership. Reduce churn on SVOD and increase both subscribers and viewing time on AVOD/LIVE.

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Measure E2E Sports Performance

Understand how each part of the LIVE delivery chain is impacting the Viewer Experience – from the stadium trucks to the end-user device.

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Improve the day-to-day performance of your video delivery chain to achieve efficiencies and savings.

Validate LIVE & VOD Asset Quality

Measure video quality across your Live/VOD workflows at scale with Pass/Fail Viewer Experience thresholds in order to catch and fix quality degradations.

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Validate Source Quality

Stop bad video in its tracks by measuring the Viewer Experience for all incoming LIVE or VOD assets. Don’t waste resources processing content with a subpar SSIMPLUS Viewer Score.

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Manage Content Hand-offs

Measure content before and after suppliers/distributors touch it to quickly find the root cause for any quality degradation. Use the SSIMPLUS metric as a quality currency to exchange assets, optimize partner coordination and simplify agreements. 

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Manage HDR Content

Validate, manage and protect HDR/Dolby Vision™ quality to offer superior services while lowering distribution and delivery costs.

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Realize savings & monetize better while keeping the Viewer Experience at desired levels.

Reduce VOD Bitrates

Lowering costs while achieving desired Viewer Experience levels is no longer wishful thinking. Select the perfect balance of quality and cost for your VOD workflow. Select the best conditions (encoder, bitrate, etc) on a per asset or scene basis to optimize your delivery costs and delight viewers.

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Optimize ABR Ladders

Reduce bitrates and costs by at least 20% by creating the optimal ABR ladders for your assets, using desired Viewer Experience thresholds.

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Live Channels Optimization

Group channels by encoding complexity and distribute your resources accordingly. Save on low-complexity content or tune quality up where needed. Have more channels per Statmux or dynamically allocate resources in the cloud.

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Optimize Manifest Selection

Adapt the Master Manifest to deliver the targeted quality for each device and asset; and nothing more. Reduce costs while maintaining a quality tailored to the viewing conditions.

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SSIMWAVE brings the power of the human eye to your entire video delivery chain.

Our secret? We’ve mapped the human visual system and put it into software.

Our lightweight probes are like having millions of actual subscribers evaluating each video at any point in your workflow.

Our proprietary SSIMPLUS® algorithm is the most accurate viewer experience metric ever engineered, with >90% correlation to Mean Opinion Score. The SSIMPLUS Viewer Score is a linear 0-100 metric that provides a common language and benchmark for all players in the video industry. Its fast, lightweight AI capabilities help you control video delivery costs, and inform decisions.

In an age where consumers have more media and entertainment choices than ever, SSIMPLUS ensures you deliver the video quality your subscribers expect – and deserve. 

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“SSIMWAVE’s measurement represents a generational breakthrough in the video industry”

– The Television Academy

67th Primetime Emmy® Award winner for significantly impacting television technology and engineering.

The American Society of Cinematographers created an HDR project named “SSIMWAVE” to improve the preservation of creative intent.

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