We help manage lean production workflows without reprocessing and high variable costs.

Ensuring high video quality is difficult when QA and optimization tools are expensive to operate and often do not correlate well to human vision. SSIMWAVE is the creator of the Video Experience Automation category that enables assessment of video quality at scale.


hours of live video monitored every month.


live channels monitored around-the-clock.


subscriber's viewer experiences are improved by our solutions.

Our Video Experience Automation Platform connects to your workflow and operationalizes viewer experience data.

SSIMWAVE brings peace of mind to your QA process to remove the guesswork and inconsistency from manual QA and validation processes. By plugging into your existing workflow, the Video Experience Automation Platform allows your quality assurance function to be scaled beyond non-metric-based processes.


  • Video quality assurance
  • Live streaming experience
  • Cloud gaming experience


  • Quality driven automation
  • Film distribution automation
  • Video handoff management


  • Reduce streaming costs
  • Deliver target quality
  • Simplify encoding

See our technology in action.

SSIMWAVE brings the power of the human eye to your entire video delivery chain.

The SSIMWAVE Video Experience Automation Platform addresses video issues across all files and streams, including:

  • Better video quality at a lower cost by removing wasted delivery spends.
  • Provide a more consistent experience regardless of the playback device or network.
  • Validate third-party content quality per SLA.
  • Identify and correct subpar source assets or streams.
  • Alert and remedy issues impacting viewer experience.

60% reduction of streaming bandwidth using our products.

85% defect reduction by automating your QA process.

4 Min cut on MTTR to improve your viewer experience.

The SSIMWAVE Video Experience Automation Platform is used by organizations just like yours.

Our two-time Emmy-awarded SSIMPLUS® algorithm is the most accurate viewer experience metric ever engineered. It is the foundation for our VQ Dial and Video Intelligence Suite products that enable companies to be 100% confident that their D2C services and distribution partners deliver content at the quality level that is specified.

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