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Say hello to SSIMWAVE and goodbye to everything else

SSIMWAVE is defining the future of video delivery with Viewer Intelligence™. For the first time in history, video distributors can take full advantage of digital optimization to deliver The Ultimate Viewing Experience™ to subscribers on any screen, on any network, everywhere.

SSIMPLUS™ built by the key inventor of SSIM

SSIMWAVE’s breakthrough structural similarity (SSIM) algorithm, designed by company co-founder Zhou Wang, has defined the modern age of perceptual video quality metrics. Awarded an Emmy® for its impact on the TV industry, this algorithm has resulted in 44,607 academic citations as of July 2018, by far the most in the field, and is at the core of the majority of in-market video quality systems.

Co-Founder PhDs Abdul Rehman, Kai Zeng and Zhou Wang’s next generation SSIMPLUS, like SSIM and Multi-Scale SSIM before it, is a momentous advancement in the field in terms of completeness, objective-subjective accuracy, device adaptiveness and real-time speed.

Drs Abdul Rehman, Zhou Wang, Kai Zeng, Hojat Yeganeh

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