Your viewers expect more.

Dial in quality. Dial down cost.

Content brings subscribers in; quality retains them. Measure viewer experience and deliver targeted video quality at the minimum possible cost.

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Bring peace of mind to your QA process.

Stop worrying about quality drop-offs. The Video Experience Automation platform plugs into your existing workflow and helps you to scale your QA function beyond non-metric-based processes.

Automate your video quality

Most accurate & complete Viewer Score for video experience.

85% reduction in MTTR (Mean Time to Resolution) by automating your QA process.

60% reduction in content delivery and operations costs.

Dial in your
target quality.

Gain ultimate control on your target viewer experience for the most consistent outcomes possible all while reducing bitrate and your delivery costs.

Deliver consistent viewer experience


hours of live video monitored every month


video viewing hours optimized every month


subscribers’ experiences improved by our solutions

Technology built for the explosion of video.

Our Video Experience Automation Platform brings the power of the human eye to your entire video delivery chain by addressing video issues across all files and streams, including:

Optimize your video delivery chain
  • Meet your target video quality with consistency at a lower cost by removing wasted delivery spends.
  • A more consistent experience regardless of the playback device or network.
  • Identifying and correcting source assets or streams.
  • Third-party content quality validation per SLA.
  • Alerting and remedying issues impacting viewer experience.
Optimize your video delivery chain

See SSIMWAVE in action.

Try these quick demos to see detection of hard-to-catch video quality issues and measure their impact on your viewer experience.

Measure your viewer experience

The most accurate technology for video experience automation.

Our two-time Emmy-awarded SSIMPLUS® algorithm is the most accurate viewer experience metric ever engineered. It is the foundation for our VQ Dial and Video Intelligence Suite products that enable companies to be 100% confident that their D2C services and distribution partners deliver content at the quality level that is specified.

Respected & recognized.

72nd Emmy® Award for Technology and Engineering for Development of Perceptual Metrics for Video Encoding Optimization

67th Primetime Emmy® Award winner for significantly impacting television technology and engineering

HDR project created by The American Society of Cinematographers named “SSIMWAVE” to improve the preservation of creative intent

65,000+ citations
(the most in the field)

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