Video quality has a number.
Tune it in.

Content may be king, but the quality of the viewing experience determines whether the king lives … or dies

In the world of video streaming, we are the only ‘true’ viewer QoE (Quality of Experience) measure in a sea of ‘pseudo’ QoE metrics. Our proprietary SSIMPLUS® algorithm is a fast, lightweight AI that accurately mimics the human visual system. For the first time ever, know the video quality your subscribers are experiencing.

  • Why do people tune in? For the content they love.
  • Why do they tune out? When the viewing experience doesn’t work as expected.
  • What do we do? Deploy products to deliver human-tuned viewing experiences resulting in happy subscribers. Our solutions help you guarantee quality; save time, resources and money; and inspect your video delivery chain.

With SSIMWAVE, welcome to the future where you can ‘viewer-check’ all your live, on-demand and advertising assets from source to playback.
Long live the king.

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