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"SSIMWave’s Video Quality-of-Experience Monitor is by far the best device-adaptive perceptual video quality predictor we have seen in the market. We have verified this by contrasting with other well-knows metrics of the industry. SQM is my go-to software for video encoder/transcoder performance comparison and bitrate vs video quality optimization."

Miguel Cabello, Video Technology Architect

"SSIMWave's video QoE Monitor offers the most sophisticated technology for video quality-of-experience measurement that we have found. The SSIMplus family of algorithms enable us to offer constant perceptual quality encodes and provide significant bandwidth savings for multi-screen video encoding/transcoding."

Paul Turner, VP, Enterprise Product Management
Jan Ozer

"I use objective quality metrics for a range of purposes, from comparing codecs and encoders to configuring my encodes for optimal quality. SSIMWave’s Quality of Experience Monitor is an integral tool for me for a number of reasons that include high accuracy, device specific presets, and unique capability for cross-resolution and frame rate video quality measurement."

Jan Ozer, Editor, Streaming Media Magazine



Guaranteed by world-renowned video QoE experts, SSIMWave’s video QoE solutions provide real-time perceptual video quality feedback and valuable insights.


SSIMWave’s scalable software solution with device-adaptive features enrich the stickiness of the customers of our partners and reduce customer churn on any screen.


SSIMWave’s QoE measurement technology, ideal for video encoding and adaptive video delivery optimization, provides constant QoE video on any display device with average bandwidth savings of up to 50%.

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