Deliver The Ultimate Viewing Experienceto Consumers

  • Built for broadcasters, MSOs, IPTV and OTT service providers

  • Emmy® Award winning algorithm to measure human video perception

  • Recognize immediate encoder/transcoder and bandwidth efficiencies


What’s on your screen matters

✓ Automate the control and management of video quality-of-experience (QoE) on any platform for every screen.

✓ Start delivering THE ULTIMATE VIEWING EXPERIENCE™ to your consumers.

✓ Immediately recognize operational and infrastructure efficiencies.

✓ Make confident real time decisions with intuitive dashboards taking advantage of the world’s most sophisticated and complete algorithms.

✓ Implement it for live or VOD. SSIMWave’s computationally efficient software doesn’t require special hardware. It can be easily applied on common processors at the server side, encoder/transcoder side, right through to the player.

✓ Get SSIMWave’s deepest understanding on virtual human visual system behaviours working for you. Effectively measure and manage video content properties for any display and viewing conditions. The largest MSO in the world is, shouldn’t you.

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Can your existing solution reliably answer these questions?


Do we understand viewer experience against expectations?


How does our video quality correlate with user behaviours?


Are we consistently meeting SLA with content providers and vice versa?


Are we confidently selecting the best transcoder and operating it optimally?


How well is our infrastructure performing?


Are we consistently conforming with regulations?

SSIMWave can. In real time.

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SSIMWave co-founder Recipient of an Engineering Emmy® from the Television Academy at the 67th Engineering Emmy Awards.

Waterloo, ON, 2 October 2015 - Zhou Wang, co-founder of SSIMWave Inc., and Professor at the University of Waterloo, will be presented with an Engineering Emmy by the Los Angeles-based Television...

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